Essential Oils on the Foot Reflexology Points

In 9 simple, easy-to-implement steps, you will learn
  • how to strengthen your healthy body via your foot reflexology points.
  • how to increase your wellness with pure essential oils.
  • how the healthy body functions.

...even if you don't have any prior experience.

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Course Details

You will discover all of the 9 simple steps in 9 videos á 2-10 minutes (over 67 minutes total time of all 9 videos) where I show you
1) how to massage your foot reflexology points,
2) give you the background knowledge on the specific essential oil or blend as well as
3) how that particular part of your healthy body works.
And as soon as you know how to do it, you will be able to use it any time you want, not just RIGHT NOW... but you will be able to experience more wellness and energy by using it your whole life.

In the first video you'll discover how to relax and warm up your feet so you can get out of your daily life thoughts and dive deep into balance and relaxation. Length of video: 9:40 min

In the second video you'll discover how your body can release and let go what it no longer needs so you can experience a new feeling of lightness and joy. You'll get to know how the body cleanses itself. Length of video: 10:30 min

In the third video you'll discover how you can bring your healthy body into its natural energy flow so you can enjoy the feeling of overall wellness. Length of video: 6:42 min

In the fourth video you'll discover how you can bring clarity and freshness into your head and neck area. I'll show you a refreshing herbal blend and the special reflexology points. Length of video: 9:09 min

In the fifth video you'll discover how you can strengthen your overall wellbeing so you feel aligned and in your natural power. Length of video: 7:36 min

In the sixth video I'll show you how you can feel the freshness and freedom you feel in a natural forest after a cleansing rain - stretch out your arms and breathe in and out deeply, anytime. Length of video: 6:35 min

In the seventh video you'll discover how to strengthen the wellness in your healthy belly feeling. I'll show you how the body digests and how to feel good with a supporting herbal blend and the reflexology points. Length of video: 9:26 min

In the eighth video you'll discover how your body purifies and detoxes, especially through the healthy liver, and how you can live a life full of energy. Length of video: 7:13 min

In the ninth video you'll discover how you can wrap up the whole application with a special essential oil that helps harmonize and multiply the previous steps' effectiveness. Length of video: 2:30 min

In each of the nine videos, you'll get a step by step instruction as though I was sitting right next you showing it to you directly.
You can sit comfortably in your own living room or outside in your garden and apply everything immediately without long studies or having to leave your home.
You'll get to know the most important things about how your healthy body works, without too many details or complicated words. 
You'll get to know fragrant essential oils and blends specifically for the shown reflexology points that help you relax, refresh and be in your own overall wellness and balance.
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, you can return it and get a 100% refund within 60 days of your purchase date. I know that once you apply the essential oils on your foot reflexology points, you won’t want to miss it in your life any more 🙂

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